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Tom Rost, President and Secretary-Treasurer

Thomas Odell Rost is President and Secretary-Treasurer of U-ParkIt NA and also serves on the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors. Mr. Rost directs the financial aspects of the corporation and maintains the corporate records. As a retired attorney at law with over 40 years of experience with cases in Kansas, Florida, Minnesota, Kentucky, California and Texas, Mr. Rost brings a comprehensive knowledge of corporate dynamics to the Company. Mr. Rost has also been a silent partner in a civil engineering company. In addition to his duties with U-ParkIt NA, he presently coordinates the management of a multistate farming operation and owns a business consulting corporation. Mr. Rost is a retired Reserve LTCOL USMC.



Robert B. Enns, Vice-President and Director of Operations

Mr. Enns graduated from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo in 1968 with a degree in Industrial Technology from the School of Engineering. He is licensed in California as a General Engineering Contractor, General Building Contractor, and Pipeline Contractor with extensive experience in commercial and residential construction and development, operating his own business, Robert B. Enns Construction, Inc., for the past 40 years.

Previous professional experience has been in advanced research and product development.
Most notably:

Ship’s engineer and research diver for submarine tracking sonar equipment under contract with the Office of Naval Research, which included over 400 hours of underwater research and testing.

Aerospace engineer in the development and production of the Lunar Rover Vehicles. These vehicles carried a “no failure” option that provided a unique product development and testing experience.

Development of real time computer assisted mutual aid deployment systems for fighting wildland fires.

Community service includes:

Director of the local Community Services District, a publically elected position, serving as its president for the past 20 years. Currently charged with the location and construction of a new waste water treatment plant to serve the community of Cayucos.

Elected to represent the twenty-six Special Districts on the San Luis Obispo County Local Agency Formation Committee, comprised of County Supervisors, City Mayors and two representatives of Special Districts.

Member of Rotary International

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Francis "F.J." Rost II, Consultant

Francis "F.J." Rost is a Consultant to U-ParkIt NA and involved in the marketing and sales functions of U-ParkIt.  Serving as principal visionary, Mr. Rost is the person responsible for introducing the U-ParkIt Automated Parking System technology to North America.

Mr. Rost’s background is firmly entrenched in Business Development, with a sound blend of operational and sales/marketing experience in both equipment and service based products. His experience spans two decades of managerial leadership in the Medical/Healthcare, Real Estate Development and Hospitality industries.


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Andy Callender, Engineering Manager

After receiving his Bachelor of Science from the Purdue University, Andy Callender spent the next thirteen years working with Ford Motor Company and General Motors in design, fabrication, and installation of conveyor equipment. Mr. Callender considers one of his proudest achievements to be the coordination of the 2002 F-150 model change-over in Kansas City.  By working with Production, Management and Contractors, Ford Motor Company was able to retool and re-launch the Facility on budget and on time.

Mr. Callender’s extensive automotive experience, coupled with eight years of industrial equipment design, fabrication and installation supervision with Owens Corning, Johns Manville, and CertainTeed Fiberglass, makes him a proud addition to the design team of U-ParkIt NA. Mr. Callender’s primary responsibility with U-ParkIt NA will be the direct coordination and installation of U-ParkIt NA facilities as this innovative technology makes its North American imprint.

Robert Horch, II, JD, Parking Analyst

Robert Horch, II recently retired as the Parking Services Manager for the City of San Luis Obispo, California having served for over 11 years. Robert Horch, II successfully managed the city’s parking program while working as the city’s liaison with the downtown businesses. He provided the leadership and management for parking services including enforcement, revenue management, career development, planning new parking structures, maintenance of existing parking areas and marketing of the parking program for the city.

He coordinated event traffic control for athletics, performing arts center and other on-campus events for Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Before leaving for the City of San Luis Obispo in 2003, Mr. Horch was the Director of Parking services for California State University in Los Angeles, California. Prior to becoming Director of Parking Services in 1999, he was employed by the university first as a parking technician maintaining meters, signs and parking for the university during the years of 1981-1987. Next, he became the technical supervisor for the university developing, planning and maintaining all the university parking areas. In addition, he became a professional Administrative Hearing Officer and trained other Administrative Hearing Officers for Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Horch graduated first in his class in 1995 from Glendale University College of Law receiving his Juris Doctorate.

Mr. Horch served on the Board of Directors on the California Public Parking Association from 2000-2014 and served as the legislative chair for the association from 2007-2014. He was designated in 2001 as the Parking Professional of the Year by the association and in 2013 received the President’s Award from the association.

Independent Sales Team for Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin.

Patrick L. (Budd) Busceni has been involved with Commercial Real Estate Sales and Real Estate Financing since 2005. Prior to 2005, Budd spent over 20 years in the field of Manufacturing, Operations and Finance, working for such companies as Pactiv Corp, Cardinal Health and Sun Chemical. Since 2006 Budd has headed the REMAX Center Commercial Group and MB Consulting Services where he is involved with asset selection and analysis, property and turnaround management, leasing, marketing and disposal of key assets. Budd has created and marketed several financial modeling programs that detail specific key metrics.

Budd holds an MBA with emphasis in International Business and Finance from National University in San Diego, CA and a BA from Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL. He is a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Illinois and a member of The Chicago Real Estate Council, The National Association of Realtors and The Illinois Association of Realtors. Budd is an instructor for The Real Estate Academy and has served on several Real Estate Committees in his career including the Realtor Grievance Committee and the Realtor Education Committee. He is a Developer, having been a part of the Development Team that built the Sturtevant Sportsplex in Sturtevant, WI.

Kevin Macdonald has been involved with Commercial Real Estate Sales since 2003. Prior to Real Estate Kevin spent over 17 years in the Transportation and Logistics industry working for such companies as Premier Coatings and Coronado Paint Corp. Since 2008, Kevin has focused his real estate expertise on specific cash-flowing commercial assets including Standard Public Parking Garages, Class A Apartment Complexes and Condo Conversion projects. Kevin works with state and local government agencies to analyze and determine the best application of commercial development with the specific needs of the area.

Kevin is a Chicago native who has had training as an appraiser. He has extensive dealings in marketing and sales. His marketing experience includes feature stories on WGN-TV News and ABC-TV News in Chicago. Kevin had a radio show on WLCB radio in Lake County, IL.