About U-ParkIt NA

U-ParkIt NA is focused on solving real parking problems in the North America. Many of the Founders have experienced the frustration of providing parking in extreme densities or small footprints only to find developments slip away due to parking requirements. They have encountered unsafe parking situations or have had their cars scratched, dented or stolen. They have witnessed the move to an environmentally friendly parking alternative vs. driving round and round through a parking garage trying to find a parking spot and consuming fuel and time. They too, see the need and desire for a cost effective parking solution.

The Founders then ask the question, “why has automated parking been around for over 50 years, but just now catching on in North America?” With no sound answer, the expansion of automated parking into North America seemed logical and U-ParkIt NA was founded.

Today, U-ParkIt NA applies the concepts of “parking intelligence” to fulfill the wants, needs and desires for patrons, developers, parking operators and municipalities and solve their parking desires. Not only can U-ParkIt NA make sure the patrons experience a pleasant parking experience, their vehicle is safe and secure while they go about their day or evening activities. At the same time, developers, municipalities and parking garage owners can achieve an environmentally friendly parking garage that is cost effective while achieving the desired parking densities. Now, those developments that could not move forward due to parking requirements can move forward in an environmentally friendly manner.


How It Works

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U-ParkIt Simulation Video


  • Cell – a space designed to store a vehicle.
  • Platform – The conveyor structural assembly that a vehicle is positioned on.
  • Transverser – the mechanism that moves the vehicle from the loading bay to the cell both horizontally and vertically.
  • Entry Bay – a cell designated for loading or unloading from.
  • Lift – a mechanism to lift or lower a vehicle only.
  • Turntable – a cell designed to rotate the vehicle.