The Parking Transformation

U-ParkIt NA is ready to transform parking NOW! With over 600 million cars in the world, we need, a Parking Lot Transformation (PLT) to give back 1/2 to 2/3 of the major parking lots in urban, downtown locations for the public to enjoy as public parks! Why do we continue to build outdated concrete ramp garages that provide spaces for violence against women, are more costly, and worse on the environment? Plan an Automated Parking System (APS) NOW!

Whether the challenge is fitting the desired cars or maximizing the cars in a given footprint, U-ParkIt NA can help companies with their parking struggles.

U-ParkIt NA is working to be part of the solution for city planners, officials and developers – creating a simple and cost effective parking alternative.

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As you go through this website, think what the small green park really signifies:

  • savings of more than 60% in critical downtown space to use for much needed parks
  • savings of 90% in pollution
  • reduction of 99% of violence against women since no personnel can be in the compact area where cars are stacked
  • increase in profits of 200-300%
  • decrease in taxes due to the write off potential of the APS, and
  • savings of more than 60% in excavation requirements if the parking garage is under a building


Key Features

parking sign
    U-ParkIt is built using a robust steel modular construction frame that can be dismantled and relocated.
    All cells are built to specific dimensions capable of being expanded for the addition of more car parks as required.
    The modular nature enables assembly on location, resulting in short installation and commissioning times.
    U-ParkIt can be installed underground, on reasonably flat surfaces, within existing structures, on the side or on top of buildings.
    U-ParkIt can save up to 60% of the space needed for a conventional car park building, while parking the same number of cars.
    U-ParkIt can save more than 60% of the excavation needed for a conventional ramp garage.
    U-ParkIt can park up to three times the number of cars that can be parked on a conventional car lot.
    Patrons no longer have to waste time looking for an empty parking space.
    Cars can only be retrieved by those with appropriate authorization. There are no places in the parking levels for rapists or robbers to hide.
    All cars are stored undercover thus protecting against harsh weather conditions such as hail storms, heavy rains, extreme heat and sun exposure and snow. Cars are not accessible to the public eliminating minor incidents such as dents, fender dings, paint scratches and head/rear light breakage.
    U-ParkIt uses interchangeable electromechanical motors giving it a significant advantage on competitive systems that use hydraulics.
    U-ParkIt system significantly reduces pollution. Cars are turned off as soon as they enter the system.
    EPA data shows that this technology implemented for a 500 car garage would annually:
      A. Save over 6,000 gallons of gasoline.
      B. Eliminate 1,000 pounds of hydrocarbons.
      C. Eliminate 3.5 tons of carbon monoxide.
      D. Eliminate 500 pounds of nitrogen oxide.
      E. Eliminate over 60 tons of carbon dioxide.
    U-ParkIt design allows maximum collection of storm water runoff.
    U-ParkIt design has a very low energy requirement. The electricity supply requirement can be as low as 63 amps, equal to a 6 room house.